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From our research and development activity was born Dr. Neu, our line formulated with non toxic active ingredients that have the properties to transform the substances already present in the environment.
The technology we developed is based on the exploitation of existing processes that occur normally in nature, we have made them more efficient without modifying them, borrowing the principle that “nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything is transformed”.

Dr. Neu was founded primarily as lime scale remover, but will be integrated soon with innovative solutions relating to other sectors (coatings, pesticides and biocides).
The formulation of Dr. Neu are active at low concentrations, this allows you to:
1. reduce the use and doses of application of a product of almost five times compared to traditional products;
2. reduce by 60% the use of hazardous chemicals, while achieving the same performance compared to products already on the market.

Dr. Neu is a trademark of Archimede.

For all the details about Dr. Neu, please visit www.doctorneu.com

  • Date4 October 2016