Dr.Neu is the brand name of the products we have created both for the professional market and for everyday use. Inspired by nature, Dr.Neu is aimed at all those who believe in conscious and sustainable consumption, respecting both people and the environment. Dr.Neu, in the particular application of each individual product, combines efficiency and technological innovation, reliability and health safety, with a reduced environmental impact.

Limescale control Dr.Neu uses the action of a special biocatalyst, able to eliminate limescale through a natural process. This makes it possible to avoid the use of traditional acids and aggressive agents, protecting both household appliances and surfaces with each application. DETERGENTS Dr.Neu uses the cleaning power of completely biodegradable surfactants of plant origin. With Dr.Neu you will achieve excellent results with small quantities of product, avoiding unnecessary waste of product, time and space. Find out more on our website www.doctorneu.com