Over the years Archimede R&D has developed, through the acquisition of its own patents, extensive innovation know-how in the field of sustainable chemistry. Our activities are dedicated to the implementation of innovation projects that start with research and development activities, both experimental research and pre-competitive development. The principle on which Archimede R&D bases each project is that innovation must find the perfect balance between Research & Development and the market.

Supporting innovation

The innovation support service is aimed at all companies that have “an idea up their sleeve”, but do not have the necessary resources to develop a research project. Archimede R&D shares its know-how with its customers, following them step by step throughout the entire process, with an integrated service tailored to their needs.

The innovation support service covers the following types of action:

  • Study of new formulations and new products
  • Optimisation of existing products
  • Feasibility studies
  • Elaboration of the project in terms of the objectives and timing
  • Project follow-up
  • Networking for the definition of the best test planning with Laboratories
  • Validation of the project resultso

The areas of expertise of our Research & Development are:

  • Detergents
  • Biocide
  • Medical and surgical devices
  • Varnishes and paints

Our patents

Our research and innovation work, aimed at studying new formulations, new products and new technologies, has led us to the achievement of important patents that represent our intellectual and industrial value.

Antifouling eco-friendly paint to be applied to objects immersed or partially immersed in an aqueous environment.
European patent number EP2432323
It prevents the presence of mosquitoes and the deposition of new eggs, without releasing toxic substances into the environment.
European patent number EP2442660
It prevents the limescale formation by reducing the water hardness.
European patent number EP2753587
U.S.A. patent number US16/335172
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Success stories:


The BUBBLEBOAT project (2009-2011), carried out in collaboration with the CNR (Italian National Research Council) and the CSGI (Centre for colloid and surface science) of the University of Bologna, was created in response to the need to find an eco-friendly alternative to classic antifouling formulations based mainly on the use of biocides which are harmful to the aquatic environment and bioaccumulable in the food chain. Bubbleboat is the development of a biocide-free antifouling paint with low environmental impact, to be applied on the hulls of ships and pleasure boats.
Unlike traditional tin-based treatments, it contains a substance that promotes the formation of gas on the treated surface. The micro-effervescence that is created disturbs and prevents the formation of biofouling.
The product developed does not introduce substances harmful to the environment but merely transforms elements already present in seawater.
The Bubbleboat project is an example of success and a source of pride as it has been fundamental for the future development of Archimede R&D. It was during the research phase that the discovery of the particular enzyme capable of acting against limescale occurred, and from this small but great discovery our enzymatic anti-scale technology was created, later developed in various applications, such as Softballs, Cleanballs, and the various enzymatic anti-scale formulas branded Dr.Neu.




SOFTBALLS is an innovative patented system for water softening and limescale incrustation prevention, specific for coffee machines equipped with a tank. This is a completely new product on the market, able to transform the limescale present in water through a natural process, which exploits the action of a special bio-catalyst present on the spheres. The product idea was developed with the collaboration of one of our company partners, Synt Chemical, which started with experimentation, then continued with the fine-tuning of the entire production process, from the research of materials to the implementation of the production method of the particular spheres. The product, initially marketed under the Dr.Neu brand, is now produced exclusively for the De’Longhi brand.



The history of this product began with the intention to develop innovative, unique products, without competitors on the market, on the basis of the enzymatic anti-scale technology. CLEANBALLS are a water softening device specifically designed for external and flush-mounted WC cisterns. Based on bio-catalytic antilimescale technology applied to small recyclable nylon balls, Cleanballs was created specifically to solve the problem of limescale in the toilet flushing system, without introducing chemicals into the environment. Cleanballs immediately entered the Italian and foreign markets as a completely new product type, and in 2019 it was published in the 5th edition of the “Premio Innovatori Responsabili” (Responsible Innovators Award), promoted by the Emilia Romagna Region.