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Following the entry into force of REACh Regulation (Reg. 1907/2006 EC) on June 2007, Companies has to fullfill the requirement of this important European Legislation.

REACh regulation major duty is the Registration of all the chemicals manufactured or imported in the European Union Member State, in quantity above 1 tonn.

Registration process mainly means to submit a scientific dossier, a risk evaluation and exposure scenario of the chemicals.

Moreover REACh involves also chemicals in articles. An example is:

  • Registration of intentionally released substance from articles (Article 7, par. 1);
  • Notification of SVHC (Substance of Very High Concern) present in articles (Article 7, par. 1, Article 33);

One of the main goal of REACh is that Companies have to fully know the chemicals that the use in their process and that they place in the market, in order to perfom a full risk evaluation of the products. In this way REACh will allow customer and EU citizens to face only safe products, for the health and the environment.

Archimede R&D can offer a full set of consultacy on the European Chemical Legislation Framework:

  1. (CE) 1907/2006 – REACh
  2. Directive 98/8/CE – Biocides
  3. (CE) 1272/2008 – CLP
  4. (CE) 648/2004 and Reg. (CE) 907/2006
  5. (CE) 1107/2009
  6. (CE) 453/2010 – MSDS

The services are specially designed for  chemicals SME’s and the main goal is to develop a cost effective managing system of these Regulation, together with the specific need of the Customer.

The firs step is an Audit at Company site. This step is fundamental to well understand REACh impact on industrial processes. One of the main target of the audit is to draft a compete profile of the chemicals handled by the Customer, examine the file and document, profile information according to REACh and plan a proper set of action to fulfil the Regulation requirement.

Archimede R&D also offer an rechargeable hour service (no expiring time) that help the Customer to be assisted along the first steps of the REACh management procedure development. This newly offer to SME’s include the audit and the following assistance about action on REACh.

Archimede R&D can also offer:

1) Registration dossier planning: a dossier project to minimize registration dossier cost;

2) Substance notification;

3) Submitting information about Dangerous Preparation at Istituto Superiore di Sanità (Italian Competent Authorities);

4) Authoritzation of Presidi Medico Chirurgici (PMC);

5) Workshop and training;

In order to complete a proper managing system of Chemicals, it plays a fundamental role the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). This document represent an officialy statement that the Companies need to develop and keep update. Archimede R&D offer the possibilities to be assisted for: developing a new MSDS, revising MSDS, translating and to develop a full compliance label for your products, according to European Regulation (Reg. EC 453/2010, Dir. EC 1999/45). If the Company has its own Regulatory staff, Archimede R&D can support the work of the staff with “REACh Remote” an easy and cost effective service. REACh remote assist your Company by email, phone or fax, in order to handle your issues fast and without in-house meeting, unless requested for special needs. REACh remote is particulary designed for operative and practical issues.


  • Date4 October 2016