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Archimedes R&D S.r.l. is a young company, founded in 2006, which is involved in innovatio. and development on environmental-friendly chemistry.
Archimedes was founded to develop products and technologies that can minimize the use of chemicals and their impact on health and the environment. Archimede innovation motto is. “More with less”

Archimede R&D offers Regulatory consulting services and SMEs support in innovation activity.
Beside the Regulatory consultancie services, Archimedes develops and markets new consumer eco-friendly products and patents. Products and patent are marketed under the brand “DrNEUⓇ”

Archimede core business is based on the following activities:

  • innovation and development of new eco-friendly products (on their own or for other companies)
  • sale of its green products and solution for household and appliance maintance, under the brand “DrNEUⓇ”
  • I.P. licensing
  • regulatory assistance